China & Germany

Official language German Chinese (Mandarin)
Capital city Berlin Beijing
System of government Federal parliamentary republic Republic, socialist single-party system
Head of state President of the Federal Republic of Germany
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
President of the People's Republic of China
Xi Jinping
Head of government Chancellor
Dr. Angela Merkel
Premier of the State Council
Li Keqiang
Area 357,050 km2 9,596,960 km2
Population 83.0 million (end of 2018) 1.386 billion (end of 2017)
Currency Euro (EUR) Renminbi Yuan (CNY)
Foundation of the state 23 May 1949: Federal Republic of Germany 1 October 1949: People's Republic of China
National Day 3 October (Day of German Reunification) 1 October (Proclamation of the People's Republic of China)
Time zone UTC+1 / UTC+2 
(March – October)