Yanqing / Beijing


Yanqing District where the EXPO 2019 takes place is a subdivision of the municipality of Beijing. It is located about 75 kilometres to the north-west of the administrative centre of Beijing and has a population of around 300,000. The EXPO 2019 site extends over 960 hectares, of which around 500 hectares are set aside as exhibition areas. One of the main tourist attractions of Yanqing is the Petrified Wood National Geologic Park. It covers an area of 226 square kilometres stretching from the Tianchi Lake in the Yan Mountains in the west to Dishuihu in the east. In this huge park, visitors not only find rare petrified woods, but also lots of scenic highlights such as the Wulongxia gorge and waterfalls, and the Tianchi Lake, the highest artificial lake in the Beijing area.


Beijing is the political and cultural capital of China. The metropolis is located 120 kilometres inland and is the centre of life of around 15.5 million people. The city is characterised by fast growth and development, and by a history and tradition that spans thousands of years. Beijing is home to many culturally and historically significant sites and buildings, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the former imperial palace better known as the Forbidden City.